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5 Simple Ways to Estimate What Fits Into a Moving Box

Moving is almost always a hassle, but the more you prepare, the less trouble you`ll have. It pays to figure out your moving costs and how many moving boxes you`ll need ahead of time, since it allows you to get all moving supplies early. When it comes time to pack, you`ll be able to just sit down and pack everything up, without having to run out to get more boxes halfway through because you drastically overestimated how much stuff you have.

One of the biggest problems that people have is just figuring out how much will fit into a moving box. There are a few easy ways to estimate this, though. To start with, you will want to have standard moving boxes, which are going to be the same sizes. This will let you estimate more accurately. Here are five of those methods:

1. Pack one box first. By packing a box first off, you`ll get a good idea of just how much can fit into one moving box , whether it`s a large, medium or small box. This is particularly true if you are packing similar items, such as clothing or dishes. Keep in mind that moving materials like newspaper or bubble wrap will take up a fair amount of room, as well.

2. Use a box calculator. While fairly simplistic, these calculators require that you input the size of your home, number of people living there and a few other important factors before telling you how many boxes will be needed and what sizes they should be. These usually let you know how much of a variety of moving supplies like tape and labels you`ll need, as well.

3. Measure with your body. If a box is as wide as you hand from fingertips to elbow, it`s reasonable to assume that an object longer than this won`t fit well in the box. You can also use this to guesstimate the number of books, cds or DVDs that will fit into a moving box. Use fingers to estimate the amount of space items will take up, as well. This is easiest with things that are on shelves where they are easily measured.

4. Ask your mover. Movers are experienced in the art of estimating how many boxes you`ll need and they usually know about how much will fit into just one. It`s worth talking to your mover about this before you get packing and you`ll have a much easier go of it. Many movers also offer moving supplies, so you can discuss what you`ll need and then have it delivered to your door so you can pack faster.

5. Opt for medium moving boxes. While smaller or larger ones can be useful for specific items that you have in mind, the standard medium moving box works well with just about everything in the home, including most kitchen utensils, pots, pans, toys and anything you find in the bathroom. They can also be used to pack your dresser. Estimate a drawer per box.

Knowing roughly how many moving boxes you need before you start to move will allow you to make the move with less stress. There will be no need to search out boxes and moving materials at the last minute. You can pack more efficiently when you have the right number of boxes, too. Remember to always err on the side of caution and when in doubt, order more boxes to ensure that you have extras on hand for the items you may have forgotten.


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iba approved packers and movers pune
iba packers and movers pune
iba approved movers and packers pune